selling your home in the fall-Toronto

While spring and summer are the most popular seasons during which to sell your home, listing during fall actually has some advantages too. As the weather cools, people are typically more serious when searching for a home rather than just window shopping. During the summer months, you’ll find many potential homeowners are simply browsing the market while they’re outside enjoying the weather.

Between September 1st and November 30th, the housing market usually sees fewer homes for sale. Many families prefer to be settled before the summer holidays are over and school starts up again. However, potential homeowners who are looking for a house at this time of year typically like to get a deal done before the winter weather kicks in.

Sellers can generally schedule weeknight showings and weekend open houses early in the fall as the days are still long and light enough. Be prepared to make an extra effort for the home’s curb appeal by raking leaves or investing in fall flower pots. Selling a home in the fall is still quite a bit easier than it is if you wait until December and January. 

Once you’ve decided to sell your home it’s recommended to have your real estate photos taken as early in the fall as possible while there’s more natural light. If you know in the spring or summer that you’ll be selling your home later in the year, you may want to have your photos taken at that time when the outdoor setting may be at its most picturesque. 

If you’re selling your home in the slower fall market, ask your real estate agent to explain their strategy regarding selling in the off-peak season. Be sure you’re comfortable with the listing price and don’t feel any obligation to consider low-ball offers.

Before you begin showing your home, prepare it with some simple maintenance, repair work and sprucing up both on the inside and outside. Keep it clean and uncluttered as much as possible. In addition, you’ll need to check on the bigger ticket items such as the roof and HVAC system.

It’s well known that when the real estate market slows down at certain times of the year, buyers typically possess more negotiating power. Also, certain things are more noticeable in the cooler weather, such as drafts, so don’t forget to make sure your doors and windows are well insulated. It’s also a good time to replace your air filters on your furnace before you turn on the heat.

Since the days do become shorter during the fall, your home may be more appealing if you can brighten it up. Be sure your screens and windows are clean. Add some temporary lighting with table or floor lamps. Creating an environment that is warm and cozy will make an impression on potential buyers. Turning on or lighting a portable or real fireplace during showings makes your home inviting.  Offering seasonal treats such as hot cider and cookies can sometimes work wonders too.

There are still plenty of home buyers in the fall even if it is a slower market than the spring and summer. These buyers typically want to buy a new home before the first winter storm rages in. Highlighting your home’s potential for a serious buyer will work out to your advantage when selling your home in the autumn.