selling home in Fall in Toronto

For many homeowners who are ready to sell, the fall is often considered an ideal time to list. Buyers who are shopping during autumn are typically more serious about making a purchase: they don’t want to be looking for a new home and having to pack up and move during the middle of the oncoming winter. 

With there typically being fewer homes on the market to compete with from September to December it means buyers have less to choose from – a definite benefit to sellers. When the market is flooded with new listings during the spring and summer, real estate is a buyer’s market rather than a seller’s. With fewer homes on the market yours will have a much greater chance of standing out above others. 

There may also be numerous buyers who have been searching for a home since the spring or summer and haven’t found what they’ve been looking for. In this case, they often feel the need to make a bid on a home before school starts so they don’t have to uproot their family once classes have begun. Many companies and employers relocate their workers at this time of the year when the market begins to cool down. And when they do, they generally look for a relatively quick closing. 

When selling your home in the fall, it’s a good idea to make sure the gutters are cleaned and the leaves and lawn are raked to improve the curb appeal. Since autumn and winter photos can often make a house look less inviting and a bit drab, try to take your photos earlier in the year. This will make your listing stand out in the fall since the home will appear bright, warm and clean.

Depending on where you reside, the spring and summer can bring some much-needed relief from a long, harsh winter. Your home may not be in the greatest shape following a brutal winter season and could use some tender loving care. If you plan to sell during the fall you’ll be able to take advantage of the warmer weather to make some repairs and improvements. 

This is a perfect time to attend to repairs, renovations and maintenance and make sure the heating and air-conditioning system is in top shape as well as the roof and furnace. You’ll want to ensure your heat is working properly when selling in the fall to keep the home snug and cozy since the temperature can drop dramatically. 

In general, there are fewer houses on the market in the fall but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are fewer potential buyers. Without the frenzy of the summer market, buyers now have the time to take a good look at homes they are interested in. With fewer homes for sale,  selling your home in the fall is often a wise and more profitable choice.