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The new—and improved—suburban lifestyle

More than a decade ago, Christopher Hume, the now-retired architecture critic and urban issues columnist for the Toronto Star, lamented that "though many suburbs are now trying desperately to reinvent themselves in more urban forms, they’re…

Gifting the Inheritance via Real Estate

I have a couple of clients who made the conscious choice to buy an investment property with an eye to the future. With the booming Canadian real estate market and favourable mortgage rates, my clients purchased a 2-bedroom condo and have rented it out until their own children are ready to move out. Was this a good use of their savings?

A lesson in safety

On May 4th, I was doing some online TRREB searches in the living room, waiting for my homemade granola to finish baking. I make this granola for Julian and I, but mostly Julian, so he can enjoy it with greek yogurt and reduce the stops at Tim…
real estate market and covid 19

Should I Sell My House Now, or Should I Wait?

The decision to sell a home can be driven by a variety of influences. A new job, a new baby, or a significant life change (such as parents moving into your home or out of theirs) can trigger the need to move on from your current home. I always…
real estate during covid-19

Being a Realtor During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What the heck is actually happening right now? This a question many people are trying to come to terms with right now, both on a personal and a professional level.   The Vaughan market has always been a wild ride. I’ve watched this…

The ‘F’ Word…

Let’s get right to the point and address the 'F' word. This nasty four-letter word is what’s holding you back from investing in real estate. It keeps people frozen in indecision. It’s limiting and crippling, but only because it’s ruled…
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The Pros & Cons Behind My Parents’ Home Downsize

If you’ve been following along in the “Lisa’s Diary” section of my blog, then you already know that downsizing my parents’ living situation has been quite the prolonged process. Before I dive into the pros and cons of my parents’…

How do I get my elderly parents to downsize? 5 Emotional Challenges To Expect.

When my parents downsized, it changed my life. For years I’d been hoping they’d move to a smaller space—one that wouldn’t require all the upkeep of the Vaughan home they’d been living in for decades.  I’ve written all about the…
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How to Talk to Your Senior Parents About Downsizing

I don’t know if you’ve had to have the “downsizing” conversation yet, but let me be honest with you: this is not always an easy conversation to have.
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My Parents Have Officially Downsized!

If you had a chance to read this blog post, then you know that I had been talking to my parents about downsizing their living situation. Until recently, they had lived in the home that I grew up in, so making the transition to something smaller…