One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Aging in Place

I spend a lot of time sharing stories about downsizing, but another option as we grow older is to age in place. According to an article about aging in place by Jennifer Legge, a Yale study “revealed that persons with a positive attitude…

The Ins and Outs of Downsizing Your Belongings

One of the best things you can help your parents do, is start planning their next steps before a move is necessary.
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Tax Breaks for Ontario Homeowners

It can be overwhelming to navigate through some of the tax credits available to Ontario homeowners. Below is a list of the most common and accessible credits and rebates offered through the federal government as well as the province of Ontario. Federal First-time…

Having your elderly parent move in with you – what could go wrong?

You’re worried sick about your aging parent. Their health is on the decline and they haven’t been coping well in their own home. You’re thinking about having them move in with you. Your spouse is open to discussing it but isn’t completely…

4 steps to avoiding a family crisis when caring for an elderly parent

If you have an aging parent with health issues who’s living in their own house or condo, chances are someone in your family is supporting them in some way. Checking in on them from time to time. Helping them with things like groceries. Taking…

Home care may not be sufficient to allow your parent to age in place

Your elderly parent wants to age in place – in other words, stay in their current home. Things were going well until they were hospitalized recently. It looks like they’re going to need ongoing support at home for the foreseeable future. Your…

Helping your aging parents decide to downsize

One of the best things you can help your parents do, is start planning their next steps before a move is necessary.
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What you need to know about the realtor you are hiring

How many times a week do you see a realtor’s postcard in your mailbox? For most, it’s an annoying piece of junk that goes directly in the recycling box, but for me, it’s an opportunity to see who my competition is and what they are doing…

How can I persuade my elderly parents to downsize?

Convincing your parents to downsize can sometimes be a matter of vocabulary. It might be helpful to use the term "rightsizing," which carries a more positive connotation.