Recently, a past client called to share some concerns with me. Andrea and her partner, Moira, were contacted by a local solar panel company. Because of its location, the company thought that their home was perfect for solar panels. Not only does it face the south-west, but it is also unblocked by trees or other houses.

Andrea and Moira discussed the idea together, but were still uncertain as to whether or not it was the right choice for them. They both liked the idea that it could help the environment, but were worried about a couple of issues. Besides the potential resale value (would it be worth more or less?), they wondered how much of a financial commitment solar panels would be. They worried that the panels could cause damage to the roof, and wanted to know if their presence could present a liability. Being a forward-thinking kind of couple, they were also concerned about what would happen when it came time to re-shingle the roof.

According to the couple, there are a number of steps in the process before solar paneling can begin. First, the property must be carefully assessed to determine how many unobstructed hours of sunlight are available, given its position. Next, the solar panel company contacts the energy provider to see if they can accommodate the energy that will be produced. After the roof is evaluated, Anita and her partner would have to wait for final approval.

My thoughts

I find Andrea and Moira’s concerns intriguing. While it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that solar panels are the way to go, their concerns are valid. For this reason, I have decided to do the research on their behalf. It is my hope that I can not only answer their questions, but also those of my future clients.

Please return soon to read my findings. 


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