What to do with my stuff?

When downsizing (or rightsizing!), one of the most common questions is “what do I do with my stuff?”

If your new home has less storage space, this will eventually be a problem you will need to solve. It can be tough to decide what to keep and what to do with the rest.

First, try the Marie Kondo method. If it doesn’t bring you joy, it has to go. Obviously, you’ll also need to keep some functional stuff that may not bring you joy, but this can be a good place to start with decorative and sentimental items.

There are lots of options for selling your unwanted items online. Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to make a few bucks on the things you no longer need.

Donation is also a good option. Household goods are always welcomed at your local ReStore. Not only will you receive a tax deduction for your donation, but you’ll be supporting Habitat for Humanity efforts in your community.

As a final resort, you can always store your extra stuff. Keep in mind that you’ll be paying a fee each month to keep it, though!

If the thought of downsizing or rightsizing is daunting and you need some advice, call me. I can help.

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Right size the right way

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