accredited senior agent

When it comes to assisting senior clients with their move, there are a number of important questions that must be asked. In order to help you know the sort of things we will talk about when we get together, I offer these questions as a starting point as provided me by my accrediting body.

Do you WANT to move, or do you feel you HAVE to move?

There are only 2 broad reasons that seniors move: they WANT to move to be closer to family or shopping, or to downsize. The other broad reason is because they feel they HAVE to move due to health, financial or other reasons. Discovering the broad reason for your move will allow me to help you the best I can. If you’re not sure whether to move or not, ask me for my exclusive self-discovery checklist.

Have you researched ALL your options?

Most people are surprised at the range of options they have open to them when it’s time to make a move. For those, both homeowner and REALTOR® who do not focus on these options, the array can be overwhelming and add stress to an already emotional time. As a Pivotal Master-ASA™, I am trained and up to date on what the options are locally, and have a network of similarly-trained professionals who can help you across the country if you are moving out of the area.

Is your Will up to date?

As a Master-ASA™, I am aware of the many options available to you. Between my own knowledge and that of my Network of Exceptional Specialists, we are on top of changes in your options. Whether it is financial assistance to help you stay where you are, or moving to any number of options, I have the expertise to make it as easy as possible for you.

If you COULD stay in your home, WOULD you?

There are many programs to help seniors stay in their homes as long as possible; it’s part of my Master-ASA training to know about and understand the programs available locally. The programs range from financial assistance for renovations to adapt your home to your changing needs to health care, meal delivery, and much more. As the availability of these programs is constantly changing, you need someone on your side who is on top of the changes.

Who are you getting advice from, about your living situation?

Family, friends, neighbours, they all mean well, and they typically have differing opinions as to what is best for you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused. I understand how you feel and have met many others who have felt the same way. What they found was that having a knowledgeable agent on their side goes a long way towards relieving the stress.

Do you have professional advisors?

A lawyer? Accountant? Financial planner? While everyone’s need for these types of professionals is different, most people will need one or more of them. If you do have advisors, we’d love to know who they are and for you to introduce us; if you don’t have them, my Network of Exceptional Specialists is made up of people I would trust with my own parents and I am happy to refer them to you.

When was the last time you sold real estate?

Things have changed significantly over the years and continue to do so. I’ll take the time to make sure you are comfortable and informed, so you can make the best decision for you. Even if that means you decide to stay where you are for now.

What questions do you have for me?

When a question pops into your head, jot it down. When we get together, we’ll both have a bunch of questions and together we can make sure you have all the information you need. Reach out anytime, I’d be happy to chat with you about your real estate needs.