I’ve had many reasons to celebrate this summer, and I wanted to take a moment to share something neat that happened to me in July!

Back in 1991, I helped my very first clients, Mike and Nancy Fongaro, purchase a home. Like many of my clients, Mike and Nancy became my friends, and over the years I attended their wedding, celebrated their 25th anniversary in Vegas with them, and most recently, I was able to celebrate Nancy’s 50th birthday… in the very same home they bought with me all those years ago!



That weekend in July was a wonderful walk down memory lane for me, but it was also a special weekend for another reason:


I received my Broker’s designation!

For those of you who I’ve talked to recently, it probably has seemed like I’ve constantly been taking real estate courses. And for the last few years, I have been—I’ve been working on taking my skills to the next level, and even after 27 years in real estate, there is still more to learn.


Getting my Broker’s license did not come easy for me. I spent a LOT of time reading, taking notes, studying, and at times I felt like I wasn’t going to pass the test. It was nerve-wracking, but I’m so glad I did it! Having the in-depth knowledge that a Broker’s license requires is a benefit for my clients, and the advantages are aplenty. Being able to manage an office with sales representatives, having the ability to maintain a Real Estate Trust Account, and opening up the possibility of being able to run a “corporation within a corporation” is all amazing to me.


But it was also a very personal decision.


Along with my Broker’s designation comes a new mindset. It has solidified my vision, my goals, and my purpose. And like celebrating milestones with my friends and clients, it marks an important stage in my career. I feel like I have even more options open to me now if I choose to pursue them.


I’m 27 years into my real estate career, and it feels good to know that I’ve worked hard. So many people put their trust in me to represent them, and that responsibility is gratifying. I would love it if you gave me the opportunity to help you get to where you need to go next!


Lisa Sinopoli


Your Friend. Your Neighbour. Your Realtor.