My good friend Lenore Raposo, Interior Decorator, Stylist and Designer at LDesigns, has laid out 8 easy steps to follow to a new, vibrant home for spring! Though the snowflakes may still be trickling down, they’re certainly slowing and the warm air is just around the corner. Give your home a new breath of life – it will invigorate you and your family, and welcome a bright and happy summer!
Here are some ways you can welcome the new season:
1. Declutter Your Space
During the winter months we tend to collect things as we feel comforted when surrounded by things. Now it’s time to declutter and create a sense of openness and order!
2. Spring Clean!
Buff those windows and let the sun shine in! Make everything in your home sparkle to allow for maximum brightness and light reflection.
3. Switch Fabrics
Remove blankets, throws, heavy pillows and old bedding. Replace heavy velvets and damasks with lighter fabrics, like linins and cottons, and floral or striped prints. Remove heavy, dark bedding and replace with white. Add pops of fresh, bright colour with pillows.
4. Open Your Windows
Open the blinds and tuck the draperies back to allow full light into your rooms.
5. Fresh Paint
Freshen up your space with a new, lighter paint colour. Or, add an accent wall in a fresh lively shade of pink. A new coat of paint is sure to freshen up any room.
6. Shuffle Furniture
Create new, more open furniture plans by moving furniture around in a room or by removing pieces from one room and reintroducing them into another room. This breathes new life into your room and not to mention your furniture – all of the sudden everything looks new again!
7. Accessorize With Flowers
Add fresh cut flowers in each room of your home. Large, bold blooms are an easy way to add colour and the idea that spring is here. Place flowers in a clean glass vase, and replace water every 2-3 days. 
8. Create Clean, Bright Scents
Add fresh scents to your home with potpourri, candles or drawer liners. Scents like lilly of the valley, hyacinths and daffodils fill the air with thoughts of spring.

Lenore C.V. Raposo

Principal, Accredited Interior Decorator, Stylist, Designer


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