On November 29th, the residents of Vaughan will vote in a Federal By-Election. 

Do you need a little clarity on what a “by-election” is, anyway? I needed a little brushing up myself…

So, Canada’s Prime Minister, Steven Harper, called this by-election for Vaughan as a result of our former MP, Maurizio Bevilacqua, stepping down from his role to run in Vaughan’s Municipal election for the role of Mayor. Turns out Mr. Bevilacqua made a good decision because he won so, congrats to him! 

This means that we need an MP to represent our riding because, as it stands right now, Vaughan is without representation in the House of Commons.

Vaughan currently has two contenders, Mr. Julian Fantino from the Conservative side, and Mr. Tony Genco from the Liberal side. There are a few entrants from the other parties, but Mr. Genco and Mr. Fantino are the clear opponents at this point. 

A local paper, Vaughan Today, has posted two clear-cut biographies on each candidate. Click on each for good insight into the quality of both men:

Tony Genco

Julian Fantino

As residence of this growing city, it is our responsibility to ensure it grows with the right values, morals and integrity in place. Business life and personal life are our livelihood, let’s take a moment to educate ourselves so we can vote properly on November 29th. 

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