What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

There are often unique and varying challenges experienced by the aging homeowner that necessitated the development of specialized skill sets and further education for Real Estate Agents enabling them to meet the needs of their aging clients.

There are unique challenges that aging homeowners face when making decisions about their home. There are two primary courses that Real Estate agents can take which help them provide superior service to their clients who are in the 55+ age category. In Canada these special designations are the Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) and Master ASA.

A agent who has achieved their ASA has the experience and expertise to guide their clients through many of the challenges that arise when selling a home and either downsizing or moving into supported living situations. An Accredited Senior Agent also has a highly developed network of service providers who offer discounts to the clients of ASAs, such as moving companies. They will also have connections with various organizations in their areas that cater specifically to seniors. An ASA can greatly assist seniors and their families to navigate the system, from legal requirements to home care, accounting and financial services.

As your real estate professional, I have obtained this qualification in order to best serve my clients. I am qualified to lead my senior clients through the transition of downsizing and moving with ease. I have a special place in my heart for the senior age group and I take great pride in the seniors I’ve had the privilege to work with. Feel free to reach out and see how I can best help you and your loved ones with this transition.

Questions to ask an accredited senior eagent

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My ideal agent has to work for me, understand what I am looking for, and be honest and supportive. Lisa has those attributes and very solid work ethics. You know where you are, you know what you are getting, and you know you have her full attention. She is not out for herself, rather she is there for you.” Adele Nissan, Vaughan ON