Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Matthew and Dr. Becky Bortolussi of Vellore Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Woodbridge. The two opened their practice in February of 2005 and have since made it their mission to provide excellent care to as many people as possible – including children. Although they usually treat patients who have lost their health, they are committed to both eliminating the problem and ongoing care.

During the initial stage of care, the doctors do several things. First, they uncover the underlying cause of the problem. Following that, they suggest a care plan that helps to produce the quickest possible results. Finally, they explain the value of post-symptomatic care and offer ways to help patients to participate in their own recovery.

Once the initial problem has been solved, Vellore Chiropractic’s doctors hope to inspire their patients to continue with wellness care. Their hope is that their patients will abandon the practice of only treating problems as they occur, and replace it with a wellness model.

For the past two years, Vellore Chiropractic has celebrated its anniversary with a week long event called Gratitude Week. During that week, the doctors and their practice members express gratitude for their blessings, while raising money for a local non-profit called Creating Alternatives.


Meet the doctors

Dr. Matthew Bortolussi

“I wish I could share with you everything I now know.” says Dr. Matthew.  “I’ve always had a desire to help people, and used to think that I was destined to become some type of surgeon.”  However, he never did like hospitals, and the thought of spending countless hours in one, away from family conflicted with his idea of a happy and fulfilling life.  While completing studies at The University of Western Ontario, a friend suggested to Dr. Matthew that he look into Chiropractic, and most of what he learned was about Chiropractic helping people with back pain, neck pain and other injuries.  However, he also read about Chiropractic helping people with other things like various digestive problems and infertility, but not understanding how that could be, he ignored it and focused on the idea of helping people with pain.  “I personally hated pain,” recalls Dr. Matthew “and many severe ankle sprains during my teens were enough for me to realize that I wanted the rest of my life to be free of any kind of pain!”.  Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Physiology, he applied and was accepted into New York Chiropractic College, thinking that he was heading for a career of helping people with musculoskeletal pain.



Dr. Rebecca Bortolussi

“I felt hopeless… by age 19 my back hurt so much I had trouble getting up off of the floor,” recalls Dr. Becky.

In the years to follow, Dr. Becky was constantly sick, on antibiotics all of the time, and was always exhausted.  Finally, a specialist she was seeing at the time told her to go to a chiropractor.  It was something Dr. Becky had never even considered doing, but it made perfect sense.  She was never the type of person to run to the medicine cabinet if something hurt.  Why was she looking for answers in a medical office when she didn’t want to take medications?  “Not only did my life change after getting my first adjustments, but it reinforced that I found what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Dr. Becky completed her Bachelor of Science from Allegheny College, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  She majored in Biology, minored in Spanish and also studied microbiology, cell physiology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, and biochemistry.  Dr. Becky was accepted into New York Chiropractic College after completing her studies at Allegheny.  During her time at NYCC, her core curriculum allowed her to explore many subjects in depth: human anatomy, physiology, histology, neurology, nutrition, X-ray, diagnosis, and chiropractic technique.  Dr. Becky took further electives and coursework in nutrition, rheumatology, women’s health issues, and pediatrics.  It was at that time that her interest in pediatric chiropractic was sparked, which led her to get my pediatric certification after graduation through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

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