senior real estate specialist

When it comes to hiring a professional to help you with what is quite possibly the largest investment you have, it is important to ask two types of questions. These 7 Questions To Ask Any Real Estate Agent’ provided by Pivotal Aging Innovations will assist you in asking what we refer to as ‘external questions’, that is, questions of someone else. It is important that you compare apples to apples, so you should ask these same questions of any agent you speak with. The second type of questions you need to ask are what we refer to as ‘internal questions’ – questions of yourself.

Here are 6 of what we consider to be the most important ‘internal questions’.

Can I trust this person?

This is such an important question for you to ask yourself, and it may seem pretty obvious, however, if you rush into signing a listing agreement with an agent and then realize you acted without enough thought, it can be very difficult to extricate yourself from the agreement.

Are they REALLY listening to me?

As a Master-ASA™ (Accredited Senior Agent™), trained in working with seniors, we understand the importance of not only listening, but more importantly, of asking the right questions to help you discover the options you have moving forwards, including staying in your home if that is the right choice for you right now.

Did I ask them everything I should have asked them?

A Master-ASA™ is trained in recognizing that people do not know what they do not know, and therefore will often not ask all the questions they should ask to be as informed as possible. As we talk with you about your options, we are taking notes and will make sure that we explain everything to the degree that you want it explained, and if there are things you have not asked, we will tell you those things. Again, we want to help you to make the most informed, best decision you can make for yourself.

Will they take care of me throughout this process?

We understand that many seniors have not made a move in a lot of years, and as such, most likely will be unfamiliar with the myriad changes that have taken place in real estate over the last 10, 20, even 30 years.

We understand that the process with a senior may take several years, or it may take a couple of months. We understand that making a late-in-life move typically means having to part with some of your prized possessions and saying goodbye to a home full of family memories.

Would I feel good referring my friends or family to them?

As we are working with seniors and their families every day, we are constantly being asked by other service providers if we will introduce their service to our clients. An integral part of our Pivotal Master-ASA™ training revolves around a very  simple  principle:   ‘Would   I   trust   my   parents   with you?’ The service providers we recommend have been vetted in several ways, however the final decision of whether to recommend them or not always comes down to this final gut-check question. It is the goal of every Master-ASA™ REALTOR® to be the exact  kind  of  person that you would indeed feel good referring to your friends and family.

Does he or she know what they are doing?

While this might seem like such an obvious question, the chances are that you are looking for someone who is not only proficient at completing the tasks required to achieve your goals, but also someone who has special expertise that will make things as stress-free and convenient as possible for you. Given the unique emotions and circumstances behind many late-in-life moves, you really need someone who specializes in helping seniors, and does it on a regular basis. Nothing speaks as loudly as experience. Reach out – I’m always happy to have a conversation about your real estate needs.