Without a doubt, food is one of my biggest passions. Before I explore a new neighbourhood, you’ll find me researching the very best cafes, eateries, and fine-dining hotspots it has to offer. Fortunately, my hometown of Vaughan is also chock full of incredible restaurants. Whether I’m craving a light lunch or a three-course meal, tasty dishes are always within arm’s reach!

If you’re new to the city—or simply looking for a new favourite spot to grab a bite—I can help. Check out my current top five restaurants in Vaughan…

1) Grazie

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I adore Grazie. From the romana pizza (with spicy pancetta, potatoes, and rosemary) to the napoletana (a simple linguine with clams and shrimp), the food at this Jane Street staple is nothing short of incredible. And then there’s the ambiance! The colourful paintings, elegant vases, and rustic chalkboards that don this inviting space will make you want to take your time with the cheque.

Grab a glass of red or white at the bar, catch up with a friend over lunch, or enjoy an incredible dinner with family for a special occasion. You honestly can’t go wrong at Grazie!

2) 255 by Alta Rossa

Where do I even begin? First off, if you’re getting one starter, make it the calamari. This is a dish that has to be done right—and at 255 by Alta Rossa, it’s never rubbery. Next up, it’s time to choose a main. This is a menu where high-end ingredients (like black truffles and shitake mushrooms) mingle effortlessly with fresh Italian standbys (think prosciutto and rapini). The results are pure perfection. Moving onto dessert…don’t get me started. 

If you’re looking for mouth-watering Italian fare in a chic environment, put 255 by Alta Rossa near the top of your list. It’s also conveniently located—just a hop, skip, and jump away from Vaughan Mills!

3) Pho Vaughan

Whether you’re a long-time Vietnamese food lover or you’ve never experienced this Southeast Asian cuisine before, you have to check out Pho Vaughan. This Maple gem is cozy, casual, and seriously satisfying. Every dish on the menu is bursting with freshness—from the savoury soups to the flavourful grilled Hanoi pork.

Pho Vaughan is located across from Canada’s Wonderland, and it’s definitely family-friendly. So if your kids have never had Vietnamese dishes before, this just might be the perfect place to make the introduction!

4) Greek Brothers

If you’re looking for something quick and tasty (that isn’t pizza or a burger), I highly recommend Greek Brothers in Woodbridge. The take-out counter is super efficient, yet the fare is a cut above what you’d find at the average fast-food joint. If you’re like me, you’ll love the chicken yeero pita, Greek salad, and roast potatoes (cooked in a tasty tomato sauce). 

If you’re planning to dine in at Greek Brothers, be aware that the space is casual—though it’s also very clean, and a lot more visually appealing than most eateries focused on counter service. And word to the wise: if you’re grabbing one of the (very popular) yeeros, your best bet is to come early in the night!

5) Avenue Cibi E Vini

Yes, it’s another Italian restaurant. But in a place like Vaughan, can you really blame me for including three? There’s a special place in my heart for all the incredible trattorias and ristorantes in this city, and Avenue Cibi E Vini is no exception. At this Kleinberg hotspot, you’ll find flavourful pasta, perfectly-prepared main courses, and (of course) wood-fired pizzas. If you’re not sure which pie to opt for, take my advice and try the Queen Margherita. You can’t go wrong with a classic!

While the food at Avenue Cibi E Vini is certainly worth raving about, diners also come for the ambiance. This chic, modern space is just upscale enough—and you’ll always feel right at home here.

There you have it: five of the top restaurants in Vaughan! Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive. Our city is packed with incredible places to dine, and it’s always a good time to get out there and try something new. Bon appetit!

Interested in learning more about Vaughan’s incredible neighbourhoods—or maybe even buying a new home here? Whether you have questions or are ready to take the first step, I’m here. Give me a call at 416-550-7555 or reach out at Lisa@LisaSinopoli.com.