As a real estate agent, I’m often asked whether Vaughan is a good place to raise kids. I’ve never once hesitated before saying yes. I grew up in this city, and it’s also where I chose to start my own family. As far as I’m concerned, there are many, many reasons to settle down here—and once that decision is made, it’s all about finding the right neighbourhood!

If you’re searching for the perfect family-friendly community in Vaughan, here are five options you should consider…

1) Maple

Average household income: $140,358

Average Home Price: $902,339

Homeownership: 90%

Families: 43%

I adore Maple, and not just because it’s my community. Put simply, families here have everything they need to thrive. First off, you’ll find an abundance of newer, relatively affordable homes. The average price for the last few months sits at $902,339, which is below the most recent number for the city of Vaughan ($999,730). There are also plenty of amenities in the area, including some fabulous restaurants (like my personal favourite, Grazie).

When it comes to the neighbours, there are a lot of families in Maple (43% of residents are married with children). Most speak English as their first language (75%), but you’ll also find some Italian speakers in the mix (13%). With an average household income of $127,857, Maple residents also enjoy a high quality of life!

If your family makes the move to Maple, your little ones will have some great local educational options. Michael Cranny Public School, which has received a rating of 8.9 out of 10 from the esteemed Fraser Institute, is in the neighbourhood.

2) Sonoma Heights

Average household income: $151,747

Average Home Price: $958,200

Homeownership: 95%

Families: 45%

If you’re ready to put down roots, Sonoma Heights is an ideal place to do it. This newer west-end community is chock full of beautiful living spaces—from spacious houses to cozy townhomes. The recent average home price for the neighbourhood is $958,200, which is a little bit below the current average for Vaughan. Families who move to Sonoma Heights will appreciate the area’s many grocery stores and restaurant chains, as well as the local reference library.

A whopping 95% of Sonoma Heights residents own their own homes, and 45% are married with little ones. There are more English speakers in the neighbourhood than any other linguistic group, followed by Italian (19%). Those who make Sonoma Heights home have an impressive average household income of $151,747.

Of course, no kid-friendly neighbourhood would be complete without easy access to local schools. Your little ones won’t have to go far for a top-notch education in Sonoma Heights—there are several options in the immediate area, including Catholic and French Immersion schools.

3) Woodbridge

Average household income: $141,520

Average Price (East Woodbridge): $1,015,481

Average Price (West Woodbridge): $791,024

Homeownership: Almost 100%

Families: 34%

There’s a lot to love about this area, including the incredible mix of homes. From attractive townhomes to big houses on spacious lots, there’s something for every family here. Buyers will find great value in West Woodbridge (where the recent average home price is $791,024) and a variety of higher-end options in East Woodbridge (where the average is $1,015,481). There are also a ton of convenient amenities in the area, including Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre.

Curious about your future neighbours in Woodbridge? About 34% of the residents here are married with children. Parents have some great local schools to choose from, including Glen Gould Public School and St. Gregory the Great. There’s a strong Italian presence in the area, with 47% of residents claiming it as their dominant language (38% say the same about English).

One of the best things about Woodbridge is its natural beauty. Families in the area flock to Boyd Conservation Area, a must-visit green space filled with parklands and trails.

4) Kleinberg

Average household income: $151,747

Average Home Price: $1,404,151

Homeownership: 91%

Families: 42%

If I had to use just one word to describe Kleinberg, it would be charming. The area has a village vibe that residents (and visitors) just can’t get enough of! When it comes to buying a home, there are’s no shortage of gorgeous, high-end options. The area’s average price for the last few months is $1,404,151, which is above Vaughan’s average. That said, if you can afford it, living in Kleinberg is well worth the cost!

A total of 42% of Kleinberg residents are married with children. The vast majority of those living in the area are university or college-educated, and English is the dominant language. There are several high-quality educational institutions in the area, including Kleinberg Public School.

When it comes to overall character, you’ll find local shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby—including some great Italian spots for families that need a night out. Kleinberg is also the site of the well-known McMichael Art Gallery!

There you have it, some of Vaughan’s best areas for families. The information I’ve provided here is a great starting point for those looking to buy a home that meets their needs in a kid-friendly area. Of course, the best way to get to know a neighbourhood fully is by speaking to a real estate agent who knows Vaughan inside and out. Are you ready to start your search?

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