What is Social Media? Social Media involves a natural, genuine conversation between people about something of mutual interest, a conversation built on thoughts and experiences of the participants. It is about sharing information.

Hello Everyone,
The fact that we’re already half-way through November has me shocked at how fast time flies, and aware that I’m overdue for a conversation with many of you. When you’re a real estate agent who would like to communicate with your contact list, you better be sure that what you’re saying is  worth the time of the people who receive it to read, and that the message is worth communicating.
I assure you, this email is worth reading.
The old me to write to you and state that I’m, “#1 for sales in the Vaughan area for decades”, or, “think of Lisa Sinopoli when you’re ready to buy or sell your next home”. The old me would make those statements because they do make a point but the new me realizes that you, the client, needs more proof than that to make an informed decision.
For you to know, confidently, that I am your best choice for helping you with your real estate purchases, you need to know that I know my stuff, and you need see evidence.
Enter Social Media.
With social media, it’s easy for you to discover that I know my business. I’ve engaged in modern communication with my blog, The Lisa Sinopoli Times and my Twitter account, Twitter.com/LisaSinopoli because I now have the ability to publish content that I know is going to be valuable to my client. With The Lisa Sinopoli Times, I can publish articles about the real estate market in Vaughan, about local business, about the current by-election, or about social programs in an area that you’re thinking about purchasing. With Twitter.com/LisaSinopoli I can connect you to information in a collaborative manner with other Twitter users who post on message boards, weblogs, podcasts, video and photos.
The point?

The point of communication remains the same; to convey a message. My message remains the same: to please contact me FIRST to help you make your real estate purchases and decisions. But now I would like to invite you to visit my blog, www.thelisasinopolitimes.blogspot.com, and my Twitter, www.twitter.com/lisasinopoli to become more aware of my abilities so you can confidently consider me for your next purchase.

If you have a friend or a family member who is interested in social media, but doesn’t quite “get” how it’s supposed to work, please forward them this message. Of course, I want to be their real estate agent, but I also want to be their proof that social media works, and it’s a revolution with lots of opportunity for us all.
I encourage you to join the conversation on a new social media platform, you’ll be impressed by the conversation it prompts.
I’d also like you to consider you to call me and discuss real estate – the phone is still useful!
Sincerely, Lisa. 
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