It’s Mortgage Monday! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was great, you can really start to feel that it’s almost the Holidays. Did you go to the Santa Claus Parade? 

I wanted to introduce today’s Mortgage Monday post by mentioning how important it is to visit someone you trust, and not just anybody, when it comes time to get a new mortgage or an adjustment to the one you already have. 

I work at RBC and have been here since 1987. Let’s just  say that I’ve been around the block and have met a few important people. With so many years in the business, and so much experience under my belt, I know every single resource available to you both at RBC and within the competitors. 

Did you know that I have the ability to apply a special rate to your mortgage, based on our personal relationship with one another? I do. I want you to know this because it helps emphasize the point that it pays to be loyal to your mortgage broker.

If you want to get a second opinion on your mortgage, call me and say that you read about RVR on Lisa Sinopoli’s blog. Give me a chance to improve on your rates, I’m confident that I can. 

Lino Contento | RBC Mortgage Specialist | Royal Bank Of Canada |
Tel: (905) 553-3270 | Fax: (905) 553-4200 | Cel: (416) 931-5466

Have a great week, and happy Mortgage Monday! 

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