basement ideas for home in Vaughan

Are you tired of your damp and musty basement?  Did you know that your basement can be so much more than just a laundry room or a place to store stuff you’ll most likely never use?

A finished basement not only adds a wonderful new living space for your family, it also increases the value of your home.  Land is at a premium in Vaughan.  With homes being built on smaller and smaller lots, a finished basement may be the only way you can increase the livable area in your home.

Whether you’re still in the dreaming stage, or are already drawing up the plans, here are 7 great ideas for your new finished basement.

Man Cave

Could there be a better use of that new space than a man cave?   A great sound system, an HDTV with a bar and maybe a pool table and you may decide you want to spend all of your free time downstairs.  All it takes is a Pinterest search on “man caves” to come up with some great ideas.  Go as bold as you want with design and add some sound proof ceiling tiles and have some friends over for a great evening of watching hockey.

basement ideas for home in Vaughan


Woman Cave

Ok, well maybe there isn’t such a name but a craft room or  hobby room for the woman of the house could be the perfect oasis to take a much needed break from the kids……and maybe the hubby too.  Another option would actually be a duel space where half of it is for him and half of it for her.  You can’t under rate having a quiet place to go and relax from a stressful day.

basement ideas for home in Vaughan


If you’re kids have been in your main living area playing and leave their toys out, you know what it feels like to trip over some Legos or Hot Wheels.  And the chaos of trying to hide that stuff and quickly clean up when company is on its way is crazy.  Using your new finished basement for a playroom not only gives them a dedicated place to play, it gives you some much needed space separation and sanity.  A great basement playroom can house your kids slumber parties, the one’s where they’re up past midnight screaming it up.

 basement ideas for home in Vaughan

Storage Space

Even if you’re not looking to spend a lot to decorate or furnish your new space, storage space will be helpful.  Even with a finished basement, there is sometimes unfinished space left where you can add storage.  In the finished area, you can also add cabinetry or shelving to create extra storage space.  Adding a pantry room is another great idea, this allows you to buy in bulk and take full advantage of great sales at the supermarket.

basement ideas for home in Vaughan

Home Office

More and more people work from home or run their own business out of their home.  That newly finished basement makes a great home office.  Working from home can be a real challenge with others around and your kids bugging you. A basement office can give you the separation you need to get your work done.  You may even be able to get a break on your taxes by using part of your home for work space.  Working from home also saves fuel costs,  money on eating out and traditional work clothes.  Shorts and a t-shirt will do just fine in your new office.

basement ideas for home in Vaughan

Media Room

While we touched on a adding a great sound system and TV earlier for a man cave, why not convert the space into a media room for the whole family.  Quality family time is something that is in short supply these days, why not start a tradition of a Sunday evening movie night with the family?

 basement ideas for home in Vaughan

Apartment Space

As of right now, basement apartments are illegal in Vaughan.  The Vaughan city council is considering legalizing them, especially since Mississauga reversed a long-standing ban and legalized them last year.  If you are outside of Vaughan, a basement apartment may be a great idea for your new space if it is.  Be sure to check with your city to be sure it’s allowed before you start construction.

One idea that many people have turned to in recent years is to rent out part of their home.  ­A basement can be turned into a cozy apartment to bring in some added income.  A lot of basements have a separate entrance that doesn’t require a renter to go through the main house.

Even if you’re not looking at renting out the space for added income, an apartment still isn’t a bad idea as long as it doesn’t have issues like basement leaks or mold.  These days more people are  keeping elderly parents at home with the cost of assisted living so high.  Consider turning it into what some call a mother-in-law space where your parents are close and still maintain some independence.

If you’re college student is driving you crazy living at home, consider letting them live in the apartment so they can have some independence while you can still keep an eye on them.

basement ideas for home in Vaughan


Added value

Whether it be a man cave or a kid’s playroom, the most important thing to remember is by doing all of this work you have added value as well as useable space to your home.  Whether you plan to sell next year or  fifteen years from now, you’ve made your home more appealing to buyer’s and can list it for more than other homes without a finished basement in your area..  Even if you never plan to sell, you’ll have many years of enjoyment with your new found space.

Have questions about real estate and home values in Vaughan?  Feel free to contact me here, I’m happy to answer any questions.


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