CMHC Legal Rental Unit Vaughan
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CMHC Announces New Rules to Increase the Buying Power of Purchasers with Legal Rental Suites

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has announced new rules for mortgage qualification with regards to legal rental suites, increasing the purchasing power for many homebuyers in this market. Currently, CMHC only allows 50% of the rental…
New Home HST Rebates Ontario Canada

HST Rebate Program For New Home Purchases in Ontario

Did you know that if you purchase a new home in Ontario that you may be entitled to an HST rebate from the government?  Many home buyers do not know this is available as builders may not share this information at the time of purchase. The…
Legalizing basement apartments in Vaughan Ontario

Legalizing Basement Apartments in Vaughan: An Update

About a year ago, I blogged about legalizing basement apartments (otherwise known as “secondary suites”) in Vaughan. You can take a look at that past post here. I’ve been following developments on this topic closely and wanted to provide…
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House Sells in Vaughan For Over $1M, Beating Neighbourhood Record

How does a house break the $1 million mark in Islington Woods? Location matters, but effective staging and a flexible pricing strategy seal the deal. In July of 2013, sellers from Islington Ave and Rutherford Road approached me with a specific…

Vaughan’s Elderly Home-Owners Tax Assistance Program

I wanted to draw your attention to the City of Vaughan tax assistance program which expires March 31, 2014. This is a tax initiative aimed at helping elderly home owners who own and occupy their property in the City of Vaughan. Please forward…

What You Need to Know About Construction Along Highway 7 West

If you’re a Vaughan resident or have driven west on Highway 7, you’re sure to have noticed the construction that’s been happening. In this post I’ll go though some updates and news on the project. Overview Over the summer, crews have…
condo development Vaughan ontario

What You Need to Know About Condo Development in Vaughan

If you've been following my blog, you know that suburban Vaughan is undergoing an urban makeover. As part of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, you can expect to see new offices, condos restaurants, cafés, hotels, cultural centres and landscaped…
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The City of Vaughan: A Look at its Continued Transformation

Vaughan is a city that has gone through a huge transformation over the last 20 years. If you were to drive through the City of Vaughan 20 years ago – or even 15 for that matter – you’d see sprawling farmland (hard to believe, right?!).…

10 Things to Love About Vaughan

Vaughan, the city above Toronto, consistently places well in both Canadian and North American rankings.  From the fastest growing cities, to the best places to live and do business, Vaughan is a top-performing city and a great place to live.…
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Financing Options That Can Help Make Your Home Renovation Dreams a Reality

Granite countertops, brand new cabinets, hardwood floors, landscaping – do all these home improvements seem like an unattainable dream? Not to worry -- whether you are considering a home renovation to increase the value of your home, to update…