OK, so last night was a big night for Vaughan, Ontario. Not only are we facing change with the upcoming municipal by-election and a potential switch from Liberal to Conservative representation, voters have now successfully voted out our less-than-decent mayor, Linda Jackson, from her role and left Mauizio Bevilacqua as our new mayor-elect. 

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to energize a town and encourage it’s residents to support change and all the positivity it can bring. I feel like we’ve been given a new opportunity to move forward and focus on making Vaughan the good home we all want it to be. 

Personally, I want to see a change in our crime rates. I want them down, waaaaay down. 

Here is a video of Maurizio Bevilacqua’s election night speech last night: 

What do you think? Should Mr. Bevilacqua be Vaughan’s new mayor?

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