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Helping your aging parents decide to downsize

Selling your home when you’re seventy or older can be a big, emotional decision, especially if you’ve lived there for decades. It means leaving things behind. Friends. Neighbours. Memories. Is it any wonder then that your parents may be resisting your suggestion to downsize? What you’re asking them to do is hard. Emotionally. And if […]

How to make money on a rental property in Vaughan

Despite the continued rise in real estate prices in Vaughan, it’s still possible to make money in the market, especially with rental properties. The city of Vaughan offers numerous employment opportunities and is a popular destination for people new to Ontario. The area attracts businesses, employees and their families due to its strong economic base, […]

The 8 Most Important Questions I Will Ask You

When it comes to assisting senior clients with their move, there are a number of important questions that must be asked. In order to help you know the sort of things we will talk about when we get together, I offer these questions as a starting point as provided me by my accrediting body. Do […]

Top Questions to ask an Accredited Senior Agent

Your home is typically the biggest investment you have. It’s also the source of memories, the holder of cherished possessions, and so much more. It’s not bricks and mortar; it’s a living, breathing part of you. And now it’s time to move on to the next phase of your life. To guide you through this […]