What will homes look like in the not-so-distant future?

I stumbled across an interesting survey this weekend that predicts what homes in 2015 will look like. Survey Research conducted the survey with the help of the National Association of Home Builders in the U.S.

Since the economic crisis hit, there have been fewer and fewer new homes built. But that’s not the only change we’re seeing. New homes will be different in size, as well as characteristics and features.

On the whole, single-family homes will be much smaller and have more green features. Living space, including the living room, kitchen and family room, will be merged to create a “Great Room.” Dining rooms will virtually disappear. And kitchens will lose some of those features that not only take up valuable space, but also were often left unused.


The survey predicts that:

  • 63% of homes will be between 2000-2399 square feet in size
  • 5% will have living rooms as we see them today
  • 52% of new homes will have a “Great Room,” merging the kitchen, living room and family room into one
  • 30% of homes will not have a living room at all
  • In 13%, the living room will become a parlor, retreat, library or music room

What will be removed? 

You know all those rooms that you once thought were cool little features, but then were rarely used? Well, many of those features will be scratched off the home builder’s list. Those that didn’t make the cut include the:

  • extra bathrooms
  • mudroom
  • unheated porch
  • dining room
  • skylight
  • 3+ car garages
  • 4-bedroom homes
  • media room
  • hobby room
  • sunroom
  • two-bedroom master suites

Green features

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see too many LEED certified homes in the future, or homes using geothermal or wind energy. New homes, however, will be energy-efficient and more likely to use the energy star ratings for the entire house, not just individual features.

Greener features will include:

  • Low-E windows
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Low flow faucets
  • Greener products, such as engineered wood beams, joists and trusses

In the kitchen 

By 2015, kitchens will be revamped to meet our changing needs. We’re likely to see less storage for small appliances, and fewer wine coolers, fireplaces and trash compactors.

New kitchen features include:

  • Double sinks
  • Recessed lighting
  • More table space for eating
  • A breakfast bar
  • Pullout drawers


So all in all, it seems that homes of the not-so-distant future will change for the better and better meet the needs of fast-paced lifestyle. The creation of the “Great Room” is the feature I’m most excited about. It will help bring families closer together – physically and emotionally.

What features are you hoping to see in future homes?

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