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In Ontario, it has been long recognized that there are often unique and varying challenges experienced by the aging homeowner that necessitated the development of specialized skill sets and further education for Real Estate Agents enabling them to meet the needs of their aging clients. There are two primary accreditation’s that agents can undertake to provide superior service to their clients who are in the 55+ age category. In Canada these special designations are the Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) and Master ASA.

Obtaining an ASA means that the agent has the experience and the expertise to advise their clients effectively with respect to many of the challenges that arise when selling a home and either downsizing or perhaps moving into supported living situations. An Accredited Senior Agent will also have a highly developed network of service providers who offer discounts to the clients of ASA’s such as moving companies and they will also have connections with various organizations in their areas that cater specifically to seniors. An established ASA is well-placed to greatly assist seniors and their families to navigate the system, from legal requirements to home care, accounting and financial services, an ASA is a tremendous benefit and a wealth of information. An estate agent must have a minimum of three years of selling experience before they can even apply to undertake this additional qualification.

senior real estate specialist

Perhaps the greatest benefit and the least recognized is that the agents who undertake this accreditation have a genuine interest in helping seniors and do so with tremendous empathy and care. They understand that the decision to downsize and relocate is a very difficult process for many people and their families and that it can easily become overwhelming. One of the first questions we are typically asked is “what do we do with all this stuff?” An ASA has many resources for you to help answer this question and many, many others. An ASA is also trained to deal specifically with the multitude of emotional components that many seniors experience when faced when downsizing or leaving their homes for other accommodations. The specialized training coupled with on the ground experience with other elderly clients means that the Accredited Senior Agent has what it takes to make this final transition a good experience for everyone.

The Master Senior Agent is akin to a doctorate in the Real Estate purview. Having attained the ASA designation, they have opted to further enhance their education with substantive expansion of the ASA program. For the Master ASA the goal is not primarily the sale of the home and the commission that goes along with it. They are focussed on fully supporting the elderly client and the family, arming them with all the knowledge that they need to make the best, fully informed decision with respect to their circumstances.

Choosing to work with a Master ASA or an ASA will make this extraordinary transition a good one for all involved.

As your real estate professional, I have obtained these mentioned qualifications in order to serve my clientele best. Recently also obtaining the CPCA designation, Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, I feel qualified in leading my senior clients through the transition of downsizing and moving with ease. I have a special place in my heart for the senior age group – as you can read more about here. I take great pride in the seniors I’ve had the privilege to work with. Feel free to reach out and see how I can best help you and your loved ones with this transition.