Todd & Monika SuddsKleinburg, ON

I am writing about my agent Lisa Sinopoli who helped me find 2 appropriate properties each within a very limited time period. I approached Lisa first for a commercial property and gave her the task of finding me a unit to fit definite parameters but especially to close the deal within 4 weeks. To me this was a daunting venture but Lisa took this in her stride, being positive and giving me confidence as a lot was at stake. The first property we viewed was very appropriate but I insisted to continue the search as how could the first property be the right one. Lisa did not judge me and we continued to look all the time comparing with what we had already viewed. Needless to say the first one was the right one. To conclude, I do not think I could have found this facility without the competence , optimism and obvious professionalism all demonstrated by my agent, Lisa.

Adele NissanVaughan, ON

I was referred to Lisa by a friend when I needed to find a new place to live. Lisa took the time to get to know my needs, my lifestyle, my budget and most of all that my little chihuahua would be allowed to come with me.

We must have looked at what felt like a thousand places until we found the one that suited me. All the while Lisa was always there, to meet me ready to see a new place and ask all the right questions. At the beginning of the search Lisa told me that you will know “the right place” it will just feel right. I thought okay I will just go along with this, but you know she was right. When we came to my place (which I just love) it felt like home and she was right!

I would refer Lisa Sinopoli to anyone needing a resale or a new home she experienced, knowledgeable and will go after what she feels is right on your behalf.

Susan BakerVaughan, ON

Now retired, we wanted to sell our 2 story home in Woodbridge and buy a condo. Lisa understood our goal and worked very hard in getting us the best price for our house and finding a beautiful condo. She is very knowledgeable in the real state field, she knows market values and is a straight shooter. It was a great pleasure to have had her work for us. I would and have recommended her to friends.

Carmen BartucciWoodbridge, ON

You took the time to familiarize yourself with an area and market that was new to you; went the extra step to ensure that we were comfortable with our investment; keeping up to date with market trends in Collingwood and providing feedback to us on a constant basis.

Angela QuistiniCollingwood, ON

You are a savy business woman who knows her “stuff” Going into the anticipated sale of my home I didnt know what to expect and certainly didnt think that you would leave my house with me holding an “Offer to Sell” contract in my hands.

You got to it, and four days later, we had an extremely successful open house. The next day we had four purchase offers on our hands and a bidding war in progress. I thought these things happened only on TV.

With your help, determination and expertise we were able to sell our house for more than we thought, in a very rare four days. In closing, Lisa, let me just say that if it were not for you, I would not be living my dream of so many years, and for that, I thank you. Its plain and simple.

BrendaVaughan, ON

Lisa Sinopoli has been our realtor for over 10 years. She has given us the best experience in buying and selling our homes. In those 10 years, Lisa has sold 4 of our homes, and 2 of our daughter’s homes. Lisa has also done an outstanding job finding us homes to purchase that best suited our lifestyle and price. We love the fact that Lisa is very knowledgeable, and the fact that Lisa goes over the whole process from beginning to end, keeps us informed and handles many of the details for us. We are also very impressed with her negotiation skills. Through the process, we have considered Lisa not only our realtor but also our friend. Lisa has a genuine interest in giving clients what they want. Lisa has truly looked out for us as individuals rather than just clients”.

It’s been our pleasure to know and have Lisa as our realtor!

Cheryl & Mike RondeauVaughan, ON

Lisa knows this business inside and out. She has a passion for what she does and it shows in her work. She progresses with the changes in the market and is an industry leader.

Valeria MitsubataVaughan, ON

I know that more recently you have dedicated a lot of extra focus to your profession. I think that’s great. Congratulations on a decision well made!! I believe that your personality shines through in what you do. Mostly your honesty. A quality, that many people do not possess. Paul and I appreciate that the most. As WE know buying a home can be an emotionally stressful experience, Your ability to be realistic kept us on track. We wish you the best on this new journey.

Giova and PaulVaughan, ON

For me Property is the only way in which to allow money to grow. Likewise Lisa is the only agent I will go to in order to find these properties. Whether it is for commercial use or for residence or rental apartment, I have relied on Lisa to find

prospects suitable for my needs. The success rate to find these properties is 100%. What is more I do not give her the time to find something but she knows my needs and expectations and works diligently to meet them. I have used other agents as I have been buying properties for over 30 years and I am able to make the comparison.

My ideal agent has to work hard for me, understand what I am looking for, be honest and supportive. Lisa has those attributes and very solid work ethics. You know where you are , you know what you are getting and you know you have her full attention. She is not out for herself, rather she is there for you.

In this competitive market you need someone who cares , who listens and who you can trust and not miss opportunities. I have done very well with her knowledge and expertise. Hope you find Lisa as good an agent as I am suggesting.

Adele NissanVaughan, ON