In Case of Emergency

Maintaining our homes is important – we all know the value of keeping our smoke detectors in working order, changing the furnace filter, and cleaning the gutters. But when a home emergency happens, having a plan can be what stands between you and disaster.

Here are some simple steps for creating a home emergency plan:

Keep all your home’s information in one place. This file should include utility account information, user manuals or warranties for appliances, heating and cooling systems, and service records. Don’t forget your homeowners insurance policy. (If possible, create an online backup of these files as well.)

Plan a fire escape route. Ensure that each person who lives in the home knows what the plan is, and practice it at least once or twice a year.

Keep emergency phone numbers near the phone, or programmed into your cell phones.

Most importantly, make sure trusted friends or family members know about your emergency plans, and where to find your files and emergency numbers.

If you need help creating an emergency plan, or assistance gathering your home’s information, give me a call. I can help.

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