I’ve been doing some thinking lately about why I do what I do. Those who already know me know that I love working with all of my clients, but I especially love to help senior citizens.

Why is that? Well, it has a lot to do with my family!

Growing up, the most influential person in my life was my Nonna.

I was even fortunate enough to have lived with her for most of my adult life. Her presence really helped me to appreciate and deepen my respect for seniors, and I developed a passion for protecting seniors and their interests.

While not all of my real estate clients are seniors, during my 27-year real estate career, I have found a very special place in my heart for my senior clients. (As a result, I have earned both the Accredited Senior Agent™ (ASA) and Certified Professional Consultant on Aging® (CPCA) designations so I can offer even more specialized guidance to each unique situation!)  

In recent years, the process of downsizing has become even more personal for me.

My mom and dad have lived in their home for 36 years now. Since 1982, they’ve filled their home with memories, and now their grandchildren enjoy their cherished home-sweet-home. My son has even spent his entire life visiting his grandparents in this home.

But now, both of my parents are in their 70s. They’re at the point in their lives where they just have “too much house.” It’s time for them to downsize… but if you’ve ever been through this process with parents before, then you know it’s not always easy.

My parents’ home needs major updating, and maintaining it has turned into a real challenge. My dad isn’t well, and my parents need to hire help for the yard work during the summer, and snow removal during the winter. My parents don’t have a pension (other than their government pension), they don’t have a RRSP, and they don’t have life insurance, although they have a bit of cash saved up.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about downsizing, and there are tons of articles out there about how do to it, when to do it, things to consider, etc. And while these info-packed articles can certainly be important, they’re missing something big. That something is the human element behind it all.

There’s no perfect formula to downsizing. And even though I’m a realtor and help people move homes and downsize all the time, I know it’s different when it comes to my own parents. Sometimes it’s hard (for both myself and them) to talk to them about getting older and all that this entails. In my experience, this is when an “outsider” can make a big difference—sometimes, aging parents need to hear advice from a professional who isn’t their adult son or daughter. And I know from my own personal experience that this can be an emotional transition for many people, parents and grown children alike.

When I help families with the process of downsizing, of course, we tackle the practical elements of the situation, from finances to the amenities a thoughtfully chosen home should include. But so much of what I do (and why I love what I do!) is about the personal, step-by-step journey that is so often overlooked by other realtors. It’s about helping you gently close one chapter of your life, and transition into the next adventure that awaits!

You can count on me as your friend, your neighbour, and as your realtor. And I can’t wait to hear your story!

Lisa Sinopoli


Your Friend. Your Neighbour. Your Realtor.