Social Media, namely Facebook and my Twitter account, is a tool that I’ve embraced to keep my business modern and functioning at the same pace as other small businesses. I enjoy finding topics and professional colleagues that I feel will interest my readers and, ultimately, I learn a lot through writing this blog too! 

I feel that one of the major concerns of people who remain unfamiliar with social media, is the fear that it will be responsible for eliminating everything “social”, apart from the media. Will humans still interact the same? Will we have get-togethers, and office meetings? Or, will Facebook, Twitter, email, text and BBM have the conversations for us? 

Last Thursday afternoon, Lino Contento (whom you know from Mortgage Mondays!) arranged a presentation for the teachers at St. Jean de Brebeuf H.S. in Vaughan. Principal Rom Villani was kind enough to welcome us to his school and introduce us to his staff of educators. We prepared and arrived to discuss real estate and mortgages with those whom found it to be of interest. 

Compared to PowerPoint presentations, emails and YouTube, our presentation was very traditional: we stood at the front of the gym and presented to a group of people, then thanked them with a $25 gas card, a ballot to win $10,000 and some delicious coffee and sandwiches. 

Lino and I were joined by Vera Salvatore, RBC Branch Manager at Weston/Major Mack, Laura DiPiero, Branch Manager at Jane/Major Mack, Financial Planners Loris Rizzardo and Sabrina Marrelli, Chris Mylonas, a financial planner and Gaetano Barrilla, a lawyer. 

*BTW, we’re independent of RBC. Important to mention! *

We were 8 professionals in a public, educational setting, teaching a group of teachers (ironically) about topics that may affect their personal lives. Could we have discussed the same stuff electronically? Sure, of course. But social media will NEVER reduce the importance and effectiveness of human interaction. 

I am confident that by being there in person, I’ve begun a relationship with at least one member of our audience. Even if it’s not immediately, it’s eventually. 

Tell me what you think, does knowing someone in person make a stronger relationship?

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