The Ontario government announced on June 24th that three new Go Train stations will be built in York Region/Simcoe County with Vaughan’s Kirby Road being one of them. The new Kirby station will be located between the existing Maple and King City stations.

I’d like to point out special thanks to Marilyn Iafrate, Ward 1 Councillor (Maple and Kleinburg), for keeping Vaughan top of mind during the entire process and helping to make this happen

This will provide much-needed additional transit choices for our local residents. The stations will be erected on the Barrie GO Transit line as a part of the Metrolinx GO RER program (Regional Express Rail). As well as Kirby Road, stations will be built in Innisfil and Mulock in Newmarket. The RER network is designed to provide our commuters with more frequent, convenient, and faster travel options across the GTA and Hamilton/Burlington area by the year 2024.

“Building the proposed new GO Stations in York Region and Simcoe County would support our efforts to build a modern and integrated transit network in the region and seamlessly connect communities and businesses. These proposed new stations would support increases in GO service and enhance regional transit connections.”

– Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation

Steven Del Duca Vaughan Go Station

Local citizens will be able to hop on and off electrified trains both ways along Go’s Barrie line with the new all-day service. Trips between Aurora and Toronto’s downtown Union Station will take just 15 minutes and also include weekend and evening service. The weekday-rush Allandale Waterfront journey to Union Station will take 30 minutes with midday trips taking an hour. The good news for those in a hurry is that there will be 180 trains each day which offer the 15-minute service. The 10-year project will definitely help reduce the number of cars on our busy roads which will in turn, cut down on pollution. And of course, area workers will be better connected to their place of employment due to the quicker and less stressful travel times.

Go Train Station Map in Vaughan

This is a part of the biggest public infrastructure venture in Ontario’s history as it will cost approximately $160 billion, but will support about 110,000 jobs each year. The project includes modern transit systems as well as hospitals, schools, bridges and roads etc. and is designed to improve the quality of life in York Region and communities across the rest of the province. The Ontario economy should grow due to this venture while jobs will be created. Local residents will be able to use the Go Transit system to easier access their jobs and educational institutions.

The government estimates that weekly journeys on the province’s GO rail network will eventually grow to about 6,000 from 1,500 over 10 years. There have been 14 new rail stations opened since 2003 and the Go rail network has been expanded by approximately 90 kilometres over that time to better connect businesses and communities. In addition, four of the existing stations have been rebuilt and over 31,000 additional parking spots became available across the network. York and Simcoe residents welcomed the announcement of the new Go stations after five years of continual advocacy. These additional travel options will certainly take a lot of stress off the existing Rutherford and Maple stations and its transit riders.

You can read the official announcement here.

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