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Maple, Ontario


Maple, Ontario, located in the Southern part of Ontario, is a fast-growing community located within the city of Vaughan. Its proximity to the Greater Toronto Area and rich history make it an attractive and fast-growing neighborhood. Maple boasts many historic buildings including the Masonic Lodge founded in 1854, which is one of the oldest lodges in Upper Canada. The community is also home to one of the largest mosques in Canada, the Baitul Islam Mosque located on Jane Street. The fusion of 19th century history and modern development make Maple a lively and vibrant community that offers a city experience with a quieter small town feel.

The City of Vaughan’s city council councilors meet at Maple’s Civic Centre, located in the heart of the community. The fast-growing neighbourhood has a dense population of Italian, Russian, Polish and Jewish residents and has a notably young population.


Maple is located in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. It is surrounded by several other urban communities including Concord to the south, Woodbridge to the west, King City to the north, and Richmond Hill to the east. The city is flanked by Black Creek to the west and the Don River to the northern and eastern limits of the city. York University’s Keele Campus lies to the south of Maple. The neighborhood is accessible by Major Mackenzie Drive and Keele Street as well as by a Canadian National (Toronto-Washago) line with rail stations at Maple and Rutherford.

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Maple, Ontario – Circa 1909


Maple was founded by the Noble and Rupert families in the early half of the 19th century. Until 1852 it was known as “Noble’s Corner,” before being renamed Rupersville after a beloved community doctor. Community lore credits the name “Maple” to the numerous Maple trees that lined the Keele street in the center of the village during the mid-19th century. The first settlers were German Lutherans migrating from Pennsylvania, but by 1825 a large influx of British immigrants had settled in Maple as well, and the community began to grow and diversify.

Maple continued to grow as the Ontario, Huron and Simcoe railway built a line through Maple. The accessibility by rail led to the growth of maple as an agricultural center, and the community became home to a major Ontario Department of Lands and Forests in the mid-1960’s. Housing development began at this time as well, but a 1962 fire damaged several houses and halted further housing development.

Housing development picked up in the 1980’s. Canada’s Wonderland, a major theme park, was opened in 1981. In the last 30 years Maple has seen increased development and population growth as people flock to the dynamic Neighbourhood.

Maple, Ontario

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