Home Staging: The Art of Creating a Home
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Home Staging: The Art of Creating a Home

Home Staging is more than just making a home look pretty. It’s one of the best actions you can take for listing your home. Home Sale Photoshop Your home’s value is based on weighing the best features against the property drawbacks. Home…
Choosing A Real Estate Agent
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Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Like with any important aspect in your life – your health, your finances, your education, etc. – you want to find the best resources and professionals available. Selling or buying a home is no different and choosing a real estate agent is…
Commission Free Listings
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Commission Free Listings: The Dangers of DIY

A risky new trend of commission free listings I’m seeing it more and more nowadays: DIY everything – even real estate! Every time I do, I shake my head. Seriously, DI-Why? Commission free listings, or ‘for sale by owner’, is a risky…
Vaughan Home Sale Winter

Why The Winter Is A Great Time To List Your Home

The middle of the winter is a great time to list your home for sale. While many people wait until the spring to list their home when the big selling rush begins, why not list it during the winter when there's less competition and a better…

House Sells in Vaughan For Over $1M, Beating Neighbourhood Record

How does a house break the $1 million mark in Islington Woods? Location matters, but effective staging and a flexible pricing strategy seal the deal. In July of 2013, sellers from Islington Ave and Rutherford Road approached me with a specific…

What Happens When a Home Sale Falls Through?

The home buying and selling process is both exciting and scary at the same time.  There is a lot at stake financially as well as emotionally and those last few weeks leading up to the closing can be nerve racking. But what happens when the…
Vaughan homeowners insurance

Closing Protection Insurance: What Home Sellers Need to Know

You purchase travel insurance when you fly overseas, car insurance for your vehicle, and life insurance to ensure the well being of your loved ones should something happen to you. But did you know that there is a specialized insurance for selling…
Creating curb appeal before selling

5 Simple and Cheap Weekend Projects To Do Before Selling Your Home

You know that saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to buying a home. Homebuyers are a picky bunch, and many make up their mind very quickly about whether or not they want to put in an offer…

Create Some Curb Appeal Before You Put Your Home On The Market

Spring is the perfect time to put your home on the market.  It's also the busiest.  Most families put their home on the market sometime during the Spring with the hopes of a Summer move.  Just enough time to get settled in before the kids…
Renovated kitchen in Vaughan

5 Things You Can Do To Increase The Value Of Your Home Before You Sell

Getting ready to list your home on the market?  Before you do, you may want to do a few things first. If you're selling your home, you certainly want the price to be as high as possible. Unfortunately, many sellers make the mistake of selling…