Buying a Home: The Paperwork

I’m not going to lie, there is a lot of paperwork involved in buying a home. But taking the time up front to get your ducks in a row will help you save time and be more confident when it comes time to write that offer. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you prepare to buy.

These days, much of the paperwork can be submitted and even signed electronically. This means that each party on the transaction needs to have access to their own individual email address. It’s likely that your mortgage representative will request you to upload your paperwork electronically. You’ll need digital copies of your tax assessments, pay stubs, and T4 forms. (Note that you can download past year assessments from your CRA account online.)

When it comes time to write an offer, there will be multiple forms that need to be completed. On the offer to purchase, you’ll indicate the amount of deposit funds (which will be held in trust and applied to your down payment at closing time,) the date you want to close, and which conditions you are placing on the offer, such as financing and inspection.

When completing paperwork on a real estate transaction, you’ll also need to provide valid and current photo ID for each person listed on the offer to purchase. This will also need to be provided to the solicitor at closing time.

Paperwork can be intimidating, but it’s my job to walk you through each and every step, making sure you are confident that all the details are taken care of. Call me, and we’ll get started.

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