5 Simple and Cheap Weekend Projects To Do Before Selling Your Home

Creating curb appeal before selling

You know that saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to buying a home. Homebuyers are a picky bunch, and many make up their mind very quickly about whether or not they want to put in an offer based on their first impression of a property. The good news is that there are plenty of little things you can do in a weekend to quickly spruce up the look of your home. And don’t worry; these projects won’t break the bank!


1)      Curb AppealThe outside of your home is the very first thing that potential home buyers see, so curb appeal is super important.  Take a weekend to mow the lawn, trim your bushes, get rid of any weeds, and maybe even plant some flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb you can always pick up a couple hanging or potted flowers to spruce up the entryway to your home.

Creating curb appeal before selling


2)      PaintIs your house a rainbow of paint colors? Or maybe it’s just a little scuffed up? Either way, you can’t go wrong with re-painting with a fresh coat of a light neutral color. You don’t want potential homebuyers to remember your house as “the one with the magenta kitchen” or “the one with all the scratches.” A fresh coat of neutral paint will make your house appear brighter, newer, and more move-in-ready – and what homebuyer wouldn’t want that?

 Paint before selling home

3)      Clean upNothing will turn off potential homebuyers as fast as a dirty home. Make your house sparkle by washing windows (inside and outside), polishing chrome faucets and mirrors, vacuuming and waxing floors, dusting furniture and light fixtures, cleaning all the bathrooms and showers, cleaning kitchen countertops and appliances, and replacing any tattered rugs and towels. Odors are also a big no-no, so make sure to air out any musty smelling areas and maybe even plug in an air freshener.

 Cleaning bathroom before selling

4)      De-clutterLike most homeowners, you’ve probably collected quite a bit of stuff over the years. Get a head start on packing, and begin putting away items that you don’t use frequently. You can start by packing up personal framed photographs and any collectibles. You want buyers to imagine their own photos and knickknacks displayed in the house, and that’s hard to do when yours are there. You should also remove anything non-essential from your kitchen counters, shelves, and the floor. And this is also a good time to donate any shoes and clothing you and your family members no longer wear to make your closets look more organized and spacious.

Organizing house before selling

5)      Make Minor RepairsPotential homebuyers are quick to notice small things that are wrong with your house. Don’t give them anything to notice! Replace cracked floor or counter tiles, patch up any holes in the walls, fix leaky faucets, replace burned-out light bulbs, fix kitchen drawers that jam and doors that don’t close properly, and patch cement cracks in sidewalks. Again, investing some time in these little projects will help your home look more move-in ready!

 Fixing small leak before selling home

Overall, most homebuyers are looking for a well-maintained property that is move-in-ready. The five weekend projects above will help you create that first impression. Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be using any of these tips and if you have any other ideas you’d like to share!


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